Accredited Sound Therapy Training

Join us on what will be an amazing journey through sound.  We offer fully accredited, insurance approved practitioner training in sound therapy training.

Everything in the universe vibrates, and it is science that shows vibrations attract like for like.  

Learn how to apply specific vibrations to the human body to assist with healing and relaxation.

We invite you to contact us and arrange a chat about our sound therapy courses.  We offer an extensive list and understand that you may not know where best to start.  Call us or arrange an appointment, and we will happily advise you on the best route forward for you and your complementary medicine practice.

Click on the images to download our course brochures.

One day introduction to sound and the most powerful healing tool......yourself!

This training carries 6 CPD points and is suitable for everyone. 

Accredited by The Alliance of Natural Health and costs £99.

You can now attend this workshop on our virtual classroom platform.

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The Foundations of Sound Healing Practitioner Training

COST: £350

DURATION: 2 classroom days or 8 virtual classroom weekly sessions





A award winning sound therapy courses include the foundations of sound therapy and upon successful completion you will be able to practice sound healing on friends and family or and incorporate sound into your existing healing practice.  This course also enables you to attend one of our advanced practitioners sound healing courses.  You will be introduce to a variety of instruments that generate vibrations to create homeostasis and facilitate healing.  Grab this opportunity to learn the foundation knowledge and to experience the profound benefits that can be gained from sound therapy.

This training package includes an Ohm tuning fork and a singing bowl. Our advanced practitioner courses are listed below on this page. **


Our next training dates are  

Virtual online classes begin on 1st July 4pm to 6pm for 8 weeks

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Advanced Sound Therapy Practitioner Courses

DURATION: 2 classroom days or 8 virtual classroom weekly sessions for each course


ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Study of the Foundations of Sound Therapy Diploma



You must have completed our foundations in sound therapy course to join these 2 day advanced practitioners courses.


Upon completion of our advanced training courses you are able to place the designatory letters Dip.AST after your name (Diploma in Advanced Sound Therapy) to demonstrate your knowledge and achievement.

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Advanced Sound Practitioner: Sound Bowl Therapist - £425


Includes a set of 7 Tibetan singing bowls and covers aspects of singing bowls, including self healing, group meditation, energy work, cleansing and clearing and specific protocols for pathologies.  Click on the image to download the brochure. 

This course is offered on our virtual classroom from July 1st 2021 at 4pm to 6pm, continuing for 8 weeks


Click on the image to download our course brochure.

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Advanced Sound Practitioner: Crystal Singing Bowl Practitioner - £1300


Includes a full set of 7 crystal singing bowls. Subjects include chakra therapy, sound baths, toning and tuning, cleansing and healing. To book this course for £359 without bowls, please contact us.

Click on the image to download our course brochure.

Your next opportunity to study this course on our virtual is March 14th 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm taught over 8 weekly sessions

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Advanced Sound Practitioner: Drumming and Rhythm Therapist - £350


Drumming & Rhythm Therapist: includes a frame drum and subjects covered include group facilitation, healing rhythm therapy, energy work, tones, sacred connection and self healing.  

Click on the image to download our course brochure. 

The next opportunity to study is through our virtual classroom platform.  Classes start on 24th January 2021 and continue for 8 weeks at 6pm to 8pm

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Advanced Sound Therapy Brain Wave and Binaural Beats Practitioner


Study the brainwave characteristics and patterns, harness both brain hemispheres, modify stress responses and quieten the mind.  Treat physical, mental and emotional health issues and understand the physiological changes that occur with Brain Wave and Binaural Beat therapy.

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Advanced Sound Therapy Gong Sound Practitioner - £495


Includes a chau gong and wind gong, mallet and friction mallet. Subjects include sound healing sessions, sounds and effects, gongs and yoga, gongs and planets, energy work, clearing and cleansing.  

The next opportunity to study is for 8 weekly classes at 6pm to 8pm starting on March 20th 2021

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