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The Frequency of Angels and Crystals TFT


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Angels radiate electromagnetic energy that also vibrates to different frequencies. People sometimes choose crystals, sound, and colour that correspond to the energy frequencies of certain types of angels, attracting them with specific types of energy and perceive angelic messages more clearly than they could otherwise. There is a metaphysical system of identifying angels according to light rays of seven different colors that correspond to different energy frequencies. The light waves for the seven angel colors vibrate at different electromagnetic energy frequencies in the universe, attracting the angels that have similar kinds of energy. Combine these incredible energies to produce a frequency of Angels & Crystals. What’s included in this training? Firstly, this is a trademarked healing system which is only available to study through the centre of wellbeing. This healing system is accredited and insurance approved and qualifies you to practice the frequency of angels and crystals. The Training includes: 10 virtual online weekly classes starting on Sunday 21st March 2021 and runs for 10 weeks at 6pm to 8pm. Whats included? Angelic tuning forks Weekly pdf manual Weekly pdf workbook Home study in the essentials of a complementary medicine practitioner (we accept prior learning as exemptions). A set of beginners crystals Coloured candles Your 10 week training explores the power of vibration combined with angelic realms and crystal healing. There are no prerequisites to training but you do have an exam and case studies to complete after the classroom sessions. Using angelic tuning forks, crystals and colour, we explore meditation techniques, group healing (you receive guidance to run 7 group healing workshops), distance healing, self therapy and how to conduct one to one sessions for your clients. Connect to the 7 archangels, study tuning fork therapy, crystal therapy, colour therapy, learn the hierarchy of the angelic realm and angel cards as well as strengthening your spiritual and psychic skills. Make sure you add our email to your contacts in order to receive your confirmation and attachments to your inbox "enquiries@centrewellbeing.co.uk" We the following payment options: 1. Buy now pay later - https://www.centrewellbeing.co.uk/payl8r-finance 2. Flexible payment plan - pay a deposit upon checkout and clear the balance no later than 6 weeks before the training dates 3. Pay in full - book now

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