"Reiki in itself is a powerful healing modality, but combine this with sound or egyptian healing techniques and what you have is a truly unique experience.  Training in reiki with The Centre of Wellbeing was an incredible experience and unique in so many ways.  My reiki practice has now gone to a whole other level"

What makes our Reiki training different?

Our courses are loaded with extra information to ensure that studying Reiki is a transformational journey for the therapist.  The curriculum includes anatomy and physiology, professional conduct and ethics, legislation, listening skills and when you reach master/trainer level, it also includes teaching skills.
When you sign up for any of our Reiki courses, you are invited to a one hour consultation to discuss your own lifestyle and expectations for the course.  All our holistic therapy courses are designed to take you on a journey so that you can experience the benefits of the modality you are studying prior to practicing it professionally.  All our Reiki packages include a 21 day cleansing process after each level, to give you chance to benefit from the energetic flow.  You don't just practice Reiki.....you live and breathe it!  Each system of Reiki complies with National Occupational Standards.
When studying our master levels, you are invited to come to our level 1 and 2 classes to enhance your teaching abilities and experience the course from a teaching perspective.


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Reiki Seichem Training

Tera Mai Seichim Reiki Training ™

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Anatomy & Physiology for Reiki Therapists - Online Self Paced Course