Receive a distance energy attunement to the oak tree and a pdf manual with information about the oak, with instructions on passing on the attunement to others and calling in the attunement.


This attunement information can be used in self healing, healing others and easily adapted to a workshop.


There is nothing quite as majestic as an oak, which is likely why ancient druids met in groves of them to perform their ceremonies.


An incredibly consistent image of the oak seems present from the different kinds of literature, mythology, herbal, and magical traditions in both North America and Europe.  Here are three core meanings for the oak:


  • Strength: The oak is obviously a sign of strength, both the strength of its branches and wood, and its strengthening qualities as a medicine and magical tree.  All cultures have revered the oak and sought such strengthening qualities, and that strength can be seen throughout the lore.
  • Wisdom/Knowledge: Tied to the ancient term for “druid” as “oak knowledge” oak has long been associated with knowledge and wisdom.  We can see this also in the Native American lore, where oak “makes space for councils”.
  • Vitality/Life: The most ancient druid ritual we have, as well as new work by Dubuis and others, suggests oak’s vitalizing quality.  Oak can heal poison, strengthen the sick, and certainly, bring vitality and energy through the blessing of the acorn, as a “tree of life.”
  • Thunder/Weather: As we can see from both the IndoEuropean traditions as well as certain native american lore, oak is also tied to weather/thunder and thunder deities.


Leave 24 hours between the time of purchase and calling in your attunement.  We will need you to contact us with your city, date of birth and full name.


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The Oak Tree energy attunement/empowerment

  • You will recieve a distance attunement and a pdf manual

  • Please us the contact us form to give us your full name, city (location) and date of birth.

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