Receive a distance energy attunement to the butterfly and a pdf manual with information about the butterfly, and instructions on passing on the attunement to others and calling in the attunement.


This attunement information can be used in self healing, healing others and easily adapted to a workshop.


Leave 24 hours between the time of purchase and calling in your attunement.  We will need you to contact us with your city, date of birth and full name.


Butterfly is the power of air, the ability to float upon the breeze. Butterfly is known for its darting flight, therefore, it represents the mind and the ability to change it when necessary. Butterfly is the art of transformation. Butterfly represents the never-ending cycle of life, ‘symbolic’ death and rebirth; hence, its medicine bestows not only the capability, but the clarity of mind needed before any self-transformation.

The lesson of butterfly is letting go of old, outmoded behavior and expanding into the next phase of existence. It can be called upon to support someone in times of emotional and spiritual transition. Butterfly then, imparts feelings of lightness and grace. Its medicine allows one to weather the winds of change and trust in the process. Butterfly can also be used in love workings.


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Butterfly energy attunement/empowerment

  • You will recieve a distance attunement and a pdf manual

  • Please us the contact us form to give us your full name, city (location) and date of birth.

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