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It’s well recognised that teaching online carries benefits for both learners and instructors, allowing them to engage with each other across any distance, but a virtual learning environment also reduces the need to travel, which can contribute to promoting the health of our entire planet.

Carbon usage is a planet wide problem that must be tackled by everyone. By choosing virtual training you are mitigating the carbon impact of traditional classroom training.

The only drawback with this approach, in terms of energy requirements, results from extra time spent on computers but you can take the steps to mediate the effects of computing and promote green education:

1. Use energy-efficient equipment

2. Check settings like monitor brightness and sleep mode, to keep computing energy-efficient

3. Turn off devices when they are not in use

4. Don’t print if you don’t need to

By increasing your energy efficiency you’ll also be cutting your costs.

Our virtual classrooms take all the elements of face to face learning and converts them into tutor lead, live classrooms which are being met with the most incredible feedback!

How do we help our learners who are studying monthly classes on our virtual classroom platform?

Our tutors foster a sense of community through collaborative assignments, frequent discussions, and use of technology to facilitate alternative channels of communication.

Regular small assignments are created, that permit students to work together digitally. Regular contact with different peers create a greater sense of community in a digital environment.

There are online discussion boards, where students are encouraged to go over course material in virtual study groups. By discussing course material, learners can clear up points of confusion, demonstrate their learning, and retain information more effectively.

We use software such as video chat platforms and even VR applications are used to improve communication between peers and with the tutor. This is especially effective in collaborative projects.

Teachers offer tutorials where students can discuss course material with them in a digital “face to face” environment.

We take a personal, hands-on approach in regards to your social, mental, and physical well-being.

Your study structure is also designed to avoid spending an extended amount of time at a computer and thus avoids the well reported health issues that can occur.

Take a look at what’s coming up here.

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