There is much in the news about certain sectors reopening subject to certain conditions being satisfied. We are closely following government advice for the Health and Wellbeing sector and Adult Education.

Many of our learners travel across the country to attend our courses which includes overnight stays in local accommodation which of course is not possible at the moment and the nature of some of our courses means that physical contact with others to take part in the practical elements would not be possible in this climate. These practical elements would still need to be done within your own home and with family members. For these reasons we don’t feel it is time to open yet and will continue with our virtual classrooms which are providing a quality learning experience with effective assessment and safe delivery for all.

Lots of dates are flying around and although we are desperate to get back, the last thing we want to do is announce a reopening, schedule our courses in the classroom, for it to be rearranged again, and even worse, put anyone in any risky situation. In addition to following guidance, we are exercising common sense. The detailed guidance for the sectors that affect us has not even been released and therefore we cannot yet predict a date.

When we do reopen to classroom sessions, we will be limiting classes to 4 students in the centre at any time and in some cases one to ones and there will be very strict safety procedures in place.

The welfare of our learners, partners and team is our number one priority, especially those most vulnerable, and we will continue to engage and support our learners remotely.

We will be continuously monitoring and reviewing the situation on a regular basis and will update you of any changes.

We will never expect anyone involved with the training centre to take any risks to their wellbeing, and will therefore only continue with classroom courses once it is safe to do so.

Behind the scenes we are making a lot of changes and also investing a lot of time into our courses and portfolio. We are here to answer any questions during office hours which at the moment are Tuesday to Thursday 9am to 5pm.

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