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This online course is ideally suited for those with no knowledge of anatomy and physiology, or those wishing to refresh their knowledge.  The course carries accreditation from the ANHB.  There are links for further reading and video's, 14 units of study with an end of course test your knowledge quiz which must be completed with an 80% pass rate.  This test can be repeated as many times as is needed.  There are 8 short assignments and we estimate a total of 20 hours is required to complete the course.

On successful completion, you receive a certification of achievement accredited by the ANHB.

If you are a therapist, then you should equip yourself with human and anatomy knowledge. Click the button above or HERE to view the course curriculum and to enroll.


Anatomy and physiology is a huge subject but is the backbone of all holistic therapies.

Advance your holistic practice by gaining advanced knowledge of the human body systems. Each module is supported with comprehensive notes, recommended reading and supported learning with videos and presentations.

Sometimes in healing and medicine, we are being pulled in two different directions. One is the lure of the tangible physical body from the biochemical and molecular level of cell physiology. On the other hand, for many of us there is an undeniable experience of the energetic and subtle shifts in feelings and perceptions that often accompany a change in 'well-being' and previous 'disease' states. As therapists, we work with our intuition and when this approach is integrated with a deep understanding of the structures and
physiology of the body then we become even more accurate in our treatments of client.

This level 3 diploma is accredited by the CMA, IPHM and ANHB.  We estimate 140 hours of study is required to complete the course.

Following each unit is an assignment to complete and at the end of the course is a test your knowledge exam which can be taken as many times as is needed. The pass rate for this exam is 80%. Your accredited certification follows successful completion of all the elements. 

Click the button above or HERE to view the course curriculum and to enroll.

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