Covid 19

Covid 19 Update!

All scheduled courses are now live on Facebook and on our website. We have also now rescheduled all classroom courses that were postponed due to the situation with the virus and these are scheduled from September onwards.

We are grateful for your patience and understanding during the time our classroom in person sessions have been closed and we are thankful for your ongoing support.

The Training Center will begin a phased reopening and aims to be fully open by Spring 2022.

The health and safety of our students, guests and staff is our top priority.


In accordance with the Department of Health guidelines as well as our commitment to safety, the following health and safety protocols will be in place for your visit:

* Courses must be purchased in advance and guests must contact us to arrange a visit so that we can allow for social distancing.

* All staff are required to wear a facemask while at work and will undergo a temperature screening daily.

* Students are required to wear a facemask while at the Centre and will undergo a temperature screening at check-in. Masks may be removed when eating and you can bring your own food and choose to eat inside or in our gardens . Students are asked to provide their own facemask. there will be a limited number of facemasks available for purchase for students arriving without masks.

* Handwashing stations are located throughout the Centre.

* Frequent disinfection of touch surfaces, including tools, handles and tables will take place.

* Please follow social distancing markings.

* You will be provided with a hand sanitiser and towel for drying hands which must be placed in the laundry bin upon leaving the centre.

* Please do not touch anything unnecessarily. Disposable and single person items will be used where possible and any shared equipment will be cleaned between and after student use.

* We kindly ask that students who are sick or who have been in contact with someone who is sick within the last 14 days refrain from visiting. In the event you are unable to visit due to illness your tickets will be moved to a new date in future. This also applies to local lockdown situations. In the event of a local lockdown that prevents you from attending your course, you will be offered a place on the next training dates.

* Government guidance states that larger than usual groups are permitted for educational purposes, however in order to ensure maximum safety to our students, all classes will have no more than 4 students.



We look forward to welcoming our staff and students back to the Training Centre!


Please contact us at with any questions.

If you become unwell and are unable to attend your course, you will be given a place on the next training dates. Don’t forget you can also study through our virtual classrooms from the comfort of your own home.

Places are very limited on our classroom platform, group sizes are also kept small on our virtual classroom platform too. A quality and safe learning experience is our focus.

You will be contacted a week before attending our courses, whether on virtual classroom or in person classroom sessions with full details of what is expected from you and what you can expect from us.

We can guarantee you that your safety comes first closely followed by the quality of your learning experience and we will do everything needed to minimise risks.

If you are high risk or clinically vulnerable then we urge you to consider our virtual classroom platform which facilitates an excellent learning experience and covered by our usual accreditation’s and insurance approvals. We will not compromise safety or quality.