One day introduction to sound and the most powerful healing tool......yourself!

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3 virtual classroom sessions accredited training introducing you to the concepts of sound and the healing effects of the voice.

Please note that you do not need to be able to sing to attend this training, in fact it involves no singing whatsoever. Your training involves the techniques known as breathing, humming and intention.

This course carries 6 CPD points and is ideally suited to those who are already complementary therapists and for those who wish to practice self healing. Your training programme is made up of the following modules:
The Physics of Sound
The Power of the voice
Practical exercises involving breath, humming and intention.

This training is based on credible research and will help you use the most powerful healing tool which is yourself!

Learn how to bring about harmony, balance and health in your body and those of clients.


This training carries 6 CPD points and is suitable for everyone. 

Accredited by The Alliance of Natural Health and costs £99.

You can now attend this workshop on our virtual classroom platform.