Frequency of The Brain ™ Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner - Cost £400


Brain Tuners are based on brain wave studies to map different states of consciousness known as  Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta & Gamma. Delta is associated with deep sleep. Theta is associated  with meditation and dream states. Alpha is associated with relaxed awareness, creativity, and  heightened learning. Beta is associated with high alertness and focus. Gamma is associated with  Spiritual Awakening! 

When the tuning forks are simultaneously sounded - one in the left ear and the other in the right  ear - the two hemispheres of the brain function together to integrate the two sounds, creating a  third, different tone called a binaural beat. When the Fundamental Brain Tuner tuning fork is  sounded with a Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta or Gamma tuning fork the difference between the two  tuning forks creates a binaural beat which is heard as a pulsation. The binaural beat gently signals  the brain to shift into a different state of consciousness. 

In addition to your training you will receive 6 tuning forks and pdf manuals and workbooks  in addition to access to online training in human anatomy and physiology level 3.

Upon completion of all the elements, you will also receive an advanced practitioner handbook.


The science of sound  

Your tuning forks  

History of tuning forks 

The Brain wave frequencies and  

consciousness Therapy protocols 


Consultations and After care