Animal Tuning Fork Practitioner ™

COST: £649 (includes online study of Animal Psychology and Animal Anatomy & Physiology)

If you have already completed the online elements on one of our other courses the cost will be £499

DURATION: 12 weekly virtual classes



HOME STUDY: Up to 150 hours depending on prior learning



This is an intense study package over 12 VIRTUAL CLASSES which will result in you being a fully accredited Animal and Human Tuning Fork Practitioner. Training includes a full set of harmonic tuning forks, printed manual and charts and includes training for the application of the therapy to Horses, Dogs and Cats and an energy balancing technique for their human companion.  You will be added to our online learning platform upon full payment.

Home study hours and case studies are subject to prior learning. If you have studied either our Animal Reiki or Animal Crystal Therapy full programs then your home study hours will be around 40 hours and case studies of 12. (6 humans and 6 animals)  Discount is given to those who have already completed the online Animal Anatomy and Physiology and Animal Psychology online learning.

Virtual Classroom sessions start on 26th September 2021 and continue for 12 weeks from 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Click on the image to download our course brochure.

The national occupational standards for Reiki Therapy can be viewed by clicking on the links below.  Your training includes the requirements of the NOS, relevant legal acts and insurance requirements:

Assess and define an animal's needs for complementary and natural/holistic healthcare

Develop and agree plans for complementary and natural healthcare for an animal

Offer Reiki to animals

During this course you will study techniques to treat both the animals and their companions with tuning forks, bringing the whole body and mind into states of relaxation and balance. 

This is a fully insurable course that you can offer to clients and their pets. It is ideal for the new practitioner or existing therapists. We offer classes in small groups ensuring a personalised teaching approach.

Codes of conduct and the law
A Basic Human Protocol
The Veterinary Act
How to approach Dogs, Cats, Horses,Farm and WildAnimals in a tuning fork therapy session
The human to animal connection
Anatomy and Physiology
The energetic bodies
The science of sound therapy
The effects and benefits of a tuning fork therapy
Client Consultation Skills
Health and Hygiene
The Therapy Sessions - putting it all together incl a human protocol
Aftercare recommendations
Case Studies and Research

You are required to submit 6 case studies with two follow up therapies on each client as well as completing a final written question and answer assessment. Three case studies must be animals and 2 humans. You receive a basic body systems and codes of conduct e-book to study at home.

MORE INFORMATION There are no prerequisites to this training.

IS THIS COURSE FOR YOU? This course is ideal for the complementary medicine practitioner who is new to animal therapy and complementary therapy or for an experienced therapist who would like to add this tuning fork therapy technique to their services.

WHATS INCLUDED? Your training includes: Online study in animal AP and psychology, 12 pdf manuals and workbooks, virtual classroom sessions,e-book on anatomy and physiology, basic human body systems, codes of conduct and support with case studies, laminated charts and a full set of harmonic tuning forks and an ohm fork.