About The Training Centre of Wellbeing

The Training Centre of Wellbeing was formed in 2014 and has experienced spectacular growth.  


Our training centre offers both accredited courses and self development classes, in addition to our unique selection of professional development and business & management training, which ensures you get the maximum benefit from your experience with us.  

You can also choose from our extensive list of online training courses and virtual classrooms

We are committed to high standards in the holistic field of medicine training and supporting our students throughout their time with us.  

We focus on you as an individual and your learning experience. 


On completion of your studies, we also offer ongoing support via student clinics and online networking events.


Our courses are fully compliant with National Occupational Standards and are continuously updated with changes in legislation and the latest research.


The Training Centre of Wellbeing currently has 98% student retention and 100% student pass rates.


Studying a therapy and completing your course is just the first step in becoming a successful holistic practitioner.  Working with the therapy, being aware of the legalities surrounding your practice, learning to communicate effectively with your clients and manage your business are all skills you need to make this work for you.


Do you know that the holistic field of medicine is changing and developing and more regulations are coming into force? How do you keep up to date with the research?  Do you know which acts of parliament are applicable to your practice?  Do you understand how to run your business or are you paying a professional to support you with this? 


Our courses provide you with all the skills you need to achieve a quality and professional holistic practice!


We provide an extensive portfolio of complementary medicine courses and take you on a personal journey during your training to be able to transform your own life, that of your friends and family and equip you to practice professionally and offer these services to your clients.


You can browse our course portfolio HERE  and click on the section to view the upcoming events and our course brochures can be downloaded from this website, you just click on the image next to the course you are interested in.  Click HERE to book and pay for your course, and HERE to view and book an online course and HERE to book a virtual classroom course.

Our practitioner courses are accredited with the leading membership bodies and approved by Balens Holistic Insurance and BGI, they are all classroom based and supported with research and comprehensive reference manuals. We adopt a variety of teaching methods ensuring that the classes are fun, interactive, innovative and support a variety of learning styles.

Not sure where to start? Contact us to talk to our careers adviser who will help you develop a personal development plan.

We are committed to high standards of complementary medicine training, and to YOUR success.

Our Courses

Comprehensive training courses in a range of animal complementary therapies.

Natural Beauty Courses using vegan friendly products and eliminating the need for toxic products in the industry.

Our Business and Management courses are designed to help you succeed in your wellbeing business.
All of our Business and Management training is run along side our Sister Company, Aspect Academy Limited

An exciting range of aromatherapy, aromatherapeutics and natural cosmetics.

Continued Professional Development

We host a variety of continuing professional development courses to enable you to keep your finger on the pulse and stay up to date with latest research and developments in the wellbeing sector.  Visit the home page and scroll down to events to view.

An ever growing list of accredited holistic courses. 

Accredited and insurance approved Massage Therapy Courses
All of our massage training is run along side our Sister Company, Aspect Academy Limited

Optimal health is only possible with a wholistic approach.  We offer a range of accredited mind therapies to complete your healing practice.

Take control of your health with our nutrition diploma.  You are able to offer general nutrition advice only after completing this course.  Clinical Nutrition training is required to treat disease at degree level or above.

We are currently building a portfolio of online courses for CPD, self development, access to advanced levels and much more.  Click HERE to view.

Accredited practitioner courses in Reiki Levels 1, Practitioner, and Master/Teacher levels.

Accredited practitioner courses in Sound therapy with further advanced training in gongs, drums, himalayan and crystal bowls.

Mediumship, Spiritual Healing and Tarot Reading.

The largest range of tuning fork practitioner and CPD courses.

Our Team

Get to Know Us

Vanessa Myatt

Managing Director & Founder

Vanessa Myatt knows only too well how complementary medicine can improve your health and lifestyle.  Vanessa started her career as an accountant and ran her own practice for 14 years.  She had an interest in holistic health from the age of 11 and alongside her professional career began to study alternative therapy courses.  By the age of 37 she was qualified in over 30 holistic therapies.  In 2010 she was struck down with a chronic health condition which left her unable to function and was forced to sell her business.  After spending 2 years completely debilitated with a young family, she turned to holistic medicine and began the journey to recovery.  She was told that her condition would only worsen and she faced a lifetime of pain and suffering.  "I was determined to get back to full health.  I have 3 children who were watching their mother waste away.  I started with my diet.  This gave me the boost I needed to take back control of my health.  Once I started, there was no stopping me. I took each day as it came and put into practice, what I had learned as well as conducting my own research".  With a renewed passion for helping others, she completed her teaching qualifications and a degree in nutrition.  It is her mission to now offer high quality professional accredited courses in health and wellbeing, ensuring that students are able to offer their clients the benefits associated with improved diet, lifestyle and complimentary medicine to improve the symptoms of chronic illness and to help to prevent many of the modern lifestyle conditions.  Vanessa is a fully qualified teacher, complimentary medicine practitioner and business management professional.  All of the courses we offer incorporate anatomy & physiology, health & disease, listening skills and business management.  "I want the world to know that taking control of your health is life changing and alongside conventional medicine can improve your life, health and that of your friends, family and clients."  Vanessa is committed to improving the standards of holistic health care and giving our students a unique, quality training experience which puts them ahead in their profession. "Our students are amazing.  They have a drive and passion that the industry needs.  They conduct their own research, case studies and delve into the nitty gritty of each therapy.  They leave us fully understanding the wider picture and embrace holistic health care.  They walk the walk and are a credit to our training centre.  Most of our students return to study further courses with us.  There is no better testimonial to the quality of our courses than the success and quality of our students.  What we have done here is create more than a school, more than a college.  We have created a community of like minded individuals all with an ethos of spreading the benefits of complementary medicine, natural lifestyles and low impact living."

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